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The company has a production line, the main products of i-steel, h-steel, European standard IPE i-steel output 1 million tons.

Tangshan Jinhang Steel Co.,Ltd

Tangshan Jinhang Steel Co.,Ltd was set up in 1997, which is a joint-stock enterprise governing exclusively-invested 

The company has an existing production line, the main products of I-type steel, H-type steel, European standard IPE I-type steel annual output of 1 million tons. We can develop all kinds of holes and roll all kinds of international standard steel according to customer's demand. At present, it mainly produces 16 workers, 18 workers and 20 workers, with a negative difference of 3-47 %. It can set a ruler of 6-12 meters of arbitrary meters, and 22-32 workers can take orders. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate cooperation.



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